State Little Miller Acts: What They Mean for Contractors

Miller Act statutes are a necessary part of being a construction and contracting business. These acts, at both the federal and state level, very closely regulate the kinds of surety bonds that a business absolutely must carry if they wish to work on government contracts. That means if you’d like to do any sort of … Continue reading “State Little Miller Acts: What They Mean for Contractors”

Vermont Little Miller Act

When you’re trying to grow your construction and contracting company, you’ll eventually need to start bidding on government contracts. When you do, you’ll need the right surety bonds in place to make sure you’re giving your government contracting body peace of mind. It will reassure them that you’ve got the ability to complete the job … Continue reading “Vermont Little Miller Act”

Utah Little Miller Act

Surety bonding is absolutely essential to the contracting and construction business. Having the right bonds protects your clients against unforeseen circumstances which result in you not being able to complete a job. Being bonded shows you have the ability to complete jobs, as only those who don’t use their bonds can actually acquire them. More … Continue reading “Utah Little Miller Act”

Texas Little Miller Act

A Little Miller Act is an essential piece of legislation regulating surety bonds for construction companies contracting with state governments for construction, public works, transportation and repair projects. These acts vary from state to state and are referred to as “Little,” because they’re based on a federal statute called the Miller Act. If you’re seeking … Continue reading “Texas Little Miller Act”

South Dakota Little Miller Act

When you’re running a construction and contracting company, the best way to grow your business is the ability to bid on major government contracts. When you step up to take these bids on, you’ll likely encounter the terms “Miller Act,” and “Little Miller Act.” For a small business, these can be somewhat intimidating terms, especially … Continue reading “South Dakota Little Miller Act”

Rhode Island Little Miller Act

As a contractor, it’s vital that you understand what exactly the Miller Act is, and how your state’s Little Miller Act derives from it. These statutes are at the center of the regulations for the surety bonds you’ll need to carry when you bid on government contracts. If you’re a small or medium contracting company … Continue reading “Rhode Island Little Miller Act”