Maintenance bonds are an important type of surety bond that is often used in the construction industry. The very best construction businesses always stand behind their work and guarantee that it will be built to last. A maintenance bond is yet another means of doing this, by providing solid insurance that your work is going to stand the test of time.

What Are Maintenance Bonds?

Maintenance bonds are purchased by contractors in the construction industry to protect the project owner against defects and other problems that might arise from substandard materials, craftsmanship or design.

Surety bonds are not the same as insurance—rather, they guarantee that the contractor has the means to cover the damages that may be caused by problems from workmanship, design or materials. The surety bond is in place only to cover expenses related to covered items if the contractor fails to perform the repair.

Why Do I Need a Maintenance Bond?

Maintenance bonds are job specific and are issued only when the project owner requires one. Many developers have programs set up and in place for their projects as most counties and cities require them. Having a surety program established and in place offers your company the competitive edge of knowing you have the credit when needed.

National Surety Services

For over twenty years, National Surety Services, Inc. has been assisting contractors and developers with their contract and maintenance bond needs. We specialize in all business sizes and endeavor to build long-term relationships with our clients, fulfilling all of their surety bond needs as important business partners.

We bring extensive banking and business background to the table and are entirely result and service oriented. Our service is second to none in the industry. The next time you need to obtain any surety bond, from maintenance bonds to performance and payment bond to service bonds, we are ready to help. Call us for more information today!