North Dakota Surety Bonding Made Simple

North Dakotans have long tilled their rich soils, and now many have found troves of shale oil underneath them. So whether building farms or oil derricks, the industrious people of North Dakota need the help of surety bonds to manage their risk while taking on large projects. National Surety Services wants to be their trusted partner, supplying services that include:.

  • SBA guaranteed bonds
  • North Dakota DOT bonding
  • Quick turnaround in two days for new clients with up to $6 million in bonding
  • Simplified one-page application based on credit
  • 8A contractor bonds
  • Permit bonds
  • Performance bonds, payment bonds and bid bonds
  • Janitorial and maintenance bonds
  • Service bonds
  • License bonds

North Dakota Surety Bonds

National Surety Services provides customers with comprehensive guidance and bonding services. Using our 25 years of experience, we help our clients achieve their ambitions through the use of surety bonding services. They can enjoy having their needs placed first as we attempt to exceed their expectations through outstanding service.

North Dakota DOT Bonding

Interstate 94 stretches across North Dakota’s plains while myriad highways and byways crisscross its prairies. These roads are maintained and expanded through North Dakota Department of Transportation projects. North Dakota DOT bonding enables contractors to bid on these desirable projects, and National Surety Services can help them secure it. We can provide assistance with applying for North Dakota DOT bonding, assembling the needed documentation or expanding your current DOT bond limits.

North Dakota SBA Bonding

North Dakota businesses can take advantage of the U.S. Small Business Administration Bond Guarantee Program to secure bonding up to $6.5 million in value. National Surety Services assists them with our expert guidance, attentive care and the resources we provide, such as this complete SBA bond program application packet.

Whether securing a bond through us, applying for state programs or seeking to expand current bonding limits, NSSI wants to help. You can learn more about surety bonding and applying for the products you need by examining the rest of our website. You can also contact us via our convenient online form or by calling us at 770-394-944. (toll free: 1-800-953-6699)

First explored by French-Canadian traders in 1738 and later explored on the Lewis and Clark expedition, North Dakota has long felt like one of the few remaining frontiers on American soil. The region is rich with farmland and, discovered more recently, shale oil deposits that led to the North American oil boom. National Surety Services wants to keep North Dakota exploring new territories as we supply bonding services that help local businesses grow.