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Business service bonds are another important form of surety bond or insurance that protects your business in all of its day to day activities. These bonds are often required by many companies before business can be conducted, and indeed, may be required by many cities, counties and states. These bonds, also called employee dishonesty bonds, are a vital form of insurance for your operations. Service bonds are also referred to as service performance bonds and if your company is interested in performing work for public entities, they are a must for the success in your industry.

What Are Service Bonds?

Service bonds, or dishonesty bonds, are a type of fidelity bond that protects your business from dishonest actions by your employees. When an employee acts in a dishonest or dishonorable way, it can cost your business and can destroy your reputation.

The damages from a single dishonest action by an employee can be disastrous. This is why service bonds are so important. Having a bond guarantees that you will be able to pay the damages from a harmful act by your staff.

What is a Service Performance Bond?

A service performance bond guarantees that your company will perform under the terms of your contract. Most cities, counties and states require most service contracts to be bonded.

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