Acquiring bonds for your projects ensures you can be eligible for bids while instilling confidence in project partners. We at National Surety Services want to help make this happen with our line of comprehensive, quick-processing surety bonds and bonding services. They include:

  • Permit bonds
  • 8A contractor bonds
  • Maintenance and janitorial bonds
  • Licensing bonds
  • Bid bonds, payment bonds, performance bonds,
  • Single page, credit-based application on performance and payment bond services
  • Two-day turnaround on all new accounts


Colorado’s economy formed off the backs of hard-working pioneers and ranchers. Now, construction companies and other businesses carry on that spirit through their dedicated labor and willingness to push into new frontiers.

Surety bonds can help give these companies the security they need to manage risk and qualify for bids that bring in new projects. Whether a bid bond, performance bond, permit bond or any other industry bond is needed, National Surety services can be there to help them process their applications and secure the bonding their Colorado project requires.


Like the industrious railroad workers of yesteryear, Colorado DOT projects help form the infrastructural spine that connects us to the places we need to go. Bidding on DOT projects requires applying for Colorado DOT bonding. National Surety Services can help guide you through the process and ensure that you secure the documentation and bonding needed for DOT project bidding eligibility.


The U.S. Small Business Administration opens up opportunities to construction companies through their Surety Bond Guarantee Program. With bonding for single projects and contract values up $6.5 million, this program can streamline the process of securing bonding for bidding on government contracts.

National Surety Services can make the process even more streamlined when you use our simple, complete application hosted on our site, and we offer guidance throughout the process.

No matter what type of bond you are looking for regarding projects ranging anywhere from Denver to Fort Collins to Grand Junction and all points in between, NSSI is here to help through our friendly service and 20 year industry knowledge. Browse our website to learn more about our diverse services, or contact us by giving a call at 1-800-953-6699 or 770-394-9444 today.

Added to the Union during its centennial in 1876, Colorado is home to Grand Mesa, the U.S. Air Force Academy and the highest paved road in the continent. Colorado is also no stranger to massive construction projects, including many mines, mining rails and later highways crisscrossing its majestic mountains. Currently, National Surety Services helps Colorado contractors embark on ambitious projects like these through our surety bond services.