Simple Wisconsin Surety Bonding

Wisconsin businesses know the vital importance of the bonding industry to the commercial construction sector. Without efficient bonding and surety services, no building projects could take place. That’s why National Surety Services, Inc. is pleased to offer 25 years of experience in these services to the state of Wisconsin.(NSSI).

Easy Surety Services

With construction and commercial services relying upon surety bonds, it’s essential to have an agency available who is efficient and makes the process easy, effective and trustworthy. We seek to be a trusted part of your business services, and are utterly dedicated to your ongoing success. After all, our success relies upon yours! Here are just a few advantages of working with us:

  • Two-day turnaround service for decisions on programs ranging up to a $6 million aggregate
  • Easy Bid, Performance, Payment, Janitorial, Maintenance, SBA and DOT bond services
  • Credit-based, one-page applications
  • Vast knowledge of business and banking, finance and surety
  • Highly competitive rates – the best in the industry
  • Service that is unmatched and a reputation of reliability and trust

Wisconsin DOT Bonds

There are many pitfalls to department of transportation bonds. Each state has its own regulations and rules regarding bidding on government transportation projects, and the right knowledge is necessary to get bonded. We are experts on the details, regulations and requirements of Wisconsin bonding and surety for DOT projects, and are ready to help you.

Wisconsin SBA Bonds

The Small Business Administration makes available a special bond guarantee program which will allow you to compete with larger companies on contracts ranging up to $6.5 million. Applying for one of these bonds is quite easy, and an SBA-backed surety bond can be vital to your company’s success. We offer the standard application right from our website.

Wisconsin Bonding and Surety Services

NSSI is here to provide total resources for your Wisconsin bonding and surety requirements. We offer a full range of commercial bonds including license, janitorial, permit and a range of other bonds, many through our special division of

Browse our site and get to know our team, then read up on our list of frequently asked questions. If you’d like more information for your bonding needs in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison or Appleton, we’re here to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-653-6699 or 770-394-9444 today.

NSSI is proud to serve our clients in Wisconsin with a full range of surety services. With 7,446 streams and rivers, 250 miles of shoreline, and tons of state parks, this state is a haven for natural resources. It is the home of the House on the Rock, the location of the very first hydroelectric plant in the United States, and the largest waterpark in the nation as well as being the dairy capital of the United States.