Summer is upon us now, and with the Fourth of July upcoming, followed by Labor Day at the end of summer, it’s a high travel season. This can also make construction sites even more dangerous than usual, especially when combined with high heat and the dangers that come with it.

Of course, no contractor wants to put their people in danger. It’s important to carefully plan your work zones for the travel season, though it’s also important to understand that you can’t account for every possibility. Discover some important tips to keep your crew safe this summer holiday season, and be certain you have the right performance bid bond in place.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Site

The first thing you need to do on any job site is to develop a plan of action. Put together a timeline of activities, understanding that on days like Independence Day and Labor Day you’ll likely be shutting down. You want to be sure that things are properly secured and shut down so that the public is safe.

Prepare to address all municipal regulations, and make sure there’s plenty of time to secure the site. Plan to conduct walkthroughs to look for safety hazards. Remember that the public are not contractors and things that are obvious to you may not be obvious to them. Finally, put a protocol in place to deal with any emergencies that do happen.

Executing Your Plan

Now it’s time to execute your plan. Keep your crew on high alert the entire time they’re on site. Distracted and drunk drivers are an epidemic this time of year so make sure you’re giving plenty of room to avoid traffic troubles. Know how traffic patterns work and flow, and make sure you’ve got the right signals and signs to clearly alert all passers-by on foot or on vehicles of the danger.

Keep your equipment secured and out of sight. Keep your equipment away from travel zones. Don’t leave tools, debris and equipment unattended. If there are fall hazards, make sure they are thoroughly secured to keep intruders and unauthorized people clear. Make sure that the site is well lit at night so all travelers can see the signage and conditions.

Communication is Key

Finally, make sure you have a constant, clear and open line of communication with your crew, your project managers, and your site supervisors. Make sure they are aware of the plan, the safety procedures, and the potential dangers for which they need to account. They first line of defense against accidents is safety.

Performance Bid Bond Services

Having the right bonding in place is also essential to being sure you can cover your obligations in case of an emergency. Secure the proper performance bid bond for every job and if the unthinkable happens, you’ll at least have the means to cover your workers and the project.

When you’re ready to undertake your next job, look to the performance bid bond services from National Surety Services, Inc. Learn more about us, and give us a call for more information today!