North Carolina Department of Transportation, North Carolina DOTEvery small- to medium-sized construction company knows that competing for department of transportation contracts is an essential part of maintaining your success and building your business. A key part of this, besides becoming properly bonded, is knowing what projects might be upcoming so you can actually bid on them.

The North Carolina DOT recently released the first draft of its transportation improvement plan over the next decade, and this can form a useful roadmap for construction businesses. Explore the draft of the North Carolina Department of Transportation ten-year plan for improving roadways statewide, and how it can affect your company.

North Carolina Department of Transportation 10-Year Plan

The new 10-year plan for State Transportation Improvement, just released by the North Carolina DOT, was last updated about two years ago. It is designed to schedule and identify funding for construction projects at the state level for the next decade. Federal law requires the state to update this plan every four years, but NC updates every two years, both to be proactive and to remain accurate in reflecting the current state economics.

Major Planned North Carolina DOT Projects

The North Carolina Department of Transportation 10-year plan includes information about over 1,400 projects covering every county across the entire state. Many of these are scheduled to take place in Catawba County, but the document is a draft. Actual dates for public comments will be announced in the spring, and final approval of the project is expected to take place in June.

Among the major projects listed is the widening of I-40 between exits 123 to 152 where it meets I-77. Currently, however, this project is still subject to feasibility studies and it’s unknown if it will actually take place. The study is evaluating the viability of widening the highway to six lanes, and whether it would improve traffic patterns along the corridor. This is the initial step in the planning and design of the project.

If the project is undertaken, it is slated to begin during FY 2020, but before it gets there, a number of evaluations must be undertaken, including establishing potential timelines for completion.

Other Projects in the Plan

A few of the other current and potential projects include:  

  • Expanding NC 16 over a nine-mile stretch,
  • Widening of NC 150 from NC 16 to US 21,
  • Upgrading two NC 127 lanes for a nearly 11-mile stretch
  • A number of general highway safety improvements
  • Improvement of I-40 at the Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard Interchange
  • Improvements on NC-16, NC-150, US 70, US 321, and other highways
  • Bridge replacement projects at I-40 over Rockbarn Road and Falling Creek Road

Getting in on the Jobs

If you’re a small construction company in North Carolina and want to get in on some of these big North Carolina DOT projects, the first step is to get proper SBA bonding, allowing you to compete at the state level on contracts up to $6,000,000. The process is not difficult, and it’s even easier when you work through National Surety Services, Inc. We provide access to the complete SBA package from our website, and are happy to work to streamline the process with you. Give us a call for more information today!