Landing a government contract isn’t just a good idea to grow your small construction firm; it’s absolutely essential to your ongoing success. Government jobs pay really well, and are very high profile; they allow you to build your reputation as a trustworthy contractor as well as to get ongoing work in the future.

The problem is that the construction and contracting industry is a very crowded field, and it can be tough for a startup to compete for that coveted first job. What can you do to improve your chances? Learn the best practices to win a government construction contract, and why general contractor bonds are such a vital part of getting your bid accepted.

Be Organized

The first step in obtaining your government contract is to be organized. Get registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. You’ll provide information about your business and services, and upgrade the information at least once a year or as needed (whichever is more frequent). Completing the entire website will save you a great deal of time in the bidding process, because it will allow you to have most of your documents on file already.

Get to Know the Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration has tons of information and resources about bidding on government construction contracts. It’s the single most useful resource for finding and bidding on government contracts there is. It allows you to get educated on all of the rules, laws, statutes and regulations. It also ensures you’ll be competing against other small businesses, to even the playing field.

In fact, the SBA has an Office of Government Contracting, which offers full training so that you can get better educated on the process. It’s an outstanding resource which can also let you know when there are “full and open competition” notices for available jobs.

Know How to Perform Targeted Geo Searches

Targeted geo searches are key to finding open contracts. Don’t just sit around and wait for them to come to you; learn how to search your geographic location. Scout local government facilities and military bases in your area. Make appointments to meet those in charge of procurement face-to-face .

Know Where to Get General Contractor Bonds

Finally, know where you can go to get general contractor bonds. If you don’t fully understand the bonding process, you’ll want to educate yourself on this as well. Bonding is potentially the most important aspect of winning the bidding war for a contract. Most government jobs require a minimum level of bonding, and will require you to carry performance and payment bonds at minimum, under your state’s Little Miller Act, or the Federal Miller Act.

The right surety bonding service will not only be able to help you get the bonds you need with fast turnaround and no hassle, they’ll be happy to work with you regarding exactly the bonds you need, and to provide any assistance you need in the process.

For years, National Surety Services, Inc., has provided bonding services to small contracting companies all over the nation. We’re experts at what we do, and we specialize in helping you. Get in touch with us for more information today.